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Gilbert & “Silly”ven

By Shanathalas

Well now I know what operretta is. I had always wondered what the defintion of operretta was. I had assumed it was some kind of mix of musical theatre and opera, which to a large extent it is. But it seems the defining characteristic is complete sillyness. Last night at the Sydney Opera House, I was lucky enough to see both the HMS Pinafore and Trial by Jury. They were both very entertaining and musical, and totally silly. Trial by Jury was quite short, so I can see why its not staged on its own. Where Puccini and Verdi stage create librettos of sombre tragedy, Gilbert & Sullivan have the silliest plots. I can see why it appeals to Jaime, as he is the King of Sillyness.

The Shanathalometre gives it: 7.5/10


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