"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

YAY - My Hubby gets to stay!

By Shanathalas
Yes, Jaime did indeed get his work visa for Canada again. It was a nerve-wracking drive over the border and back, but it's a huge relief now. We've got one year and two weeks to get his permanent residency sorted. Jaime goes back to his worker bee status on Tuesday!

Tuesday: D-Day

By Shanathalas
So tomorrow we are driving down to the border with the states, taking Jaime across, and hoping that when we cross back into Canada that they'll issue him a new work visa. If they do, he'll be working in the next few days. If they don't, Jaime will not be allowed back into Canada at all and he will have to go back to Oz. Its a tough decision to make. All his paperwork is in order, so they SHOULD issues the visa, but immigration can do whatever they like, so they can choose to screw us. And then I would spend the next six months alone while Jaime waited in Sydney for his Permanent Residency to come up. Wish us luck!

But the real question is: Do I try to sleep tonight with all this weighing on my fragile mind, or do I stay up for the Lunar eclipse at 3:00-4:00am?

An Epiphany

Category: By Shanathalas
And then just like that, I realised I like the White Stripes.

I Will Return

By Shanathalas
Sorry for no posts in a while. Its panic stations here with Jai out of work, us about to be homeless because of the lack of reasonable-priced accommodation (Damn You Olympics!) and to top it off, Dad, Sam and the step-mother staying with us.

Anyway, for those of you waiting for replies to your email, I promise to get to them soon.

But in the meantime, take a moment to grieve for the Yangtze River Dolphin.