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Tuesday: D-Day

By Shanathalas
So tomorrow we are driving down to the border with the states, taking Jaime across, and hoping that when we cross back into Canada that they'll issue him a new work visa. If they do, he'll be working in the next few days. If they don't, Jaime will not be allowed back into Canada at all and he will have to go back to Oz. Its a tough decision to make. All his paperwork is in order, so they SHOULD issues the visa, but immigration can do whatever they like, so they can choose to screw us. And then I would spend the next six months alone while Jaime waited in Sydney for his Permanent Residency to come up. Wish us luck!

But the real question is: Do I try to sleep tonight with all this weighing on my fragile mind, or do I stay up for the Lunar eclipse at 3:00-4:00am?

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  1. evelyn 11:11 AM
    Good Luck!

    (and I say - stay up and watch the eclipse. Then you're staying up on purpose instead of staying up because you're freaking out)
  2. Alex 11:37 AM
    Crikey! What a pain in the arse! Although I have some good friends who work for the Dept of Immigration in Australia, I can't really think of anything nice to say about the department itself and it would seem that it's the same the world over. The power they have over people's lives is so unfair and their decisions always seem so arbitrary. Let's hope you get them on a good day :-) Good luck!
  3. chelle 3:37 PM
    good luck! sounds intense.

    and you should totally watch the lunar eclipse together - if you can :)
  4. Alex 10:11 AM
    What happened? Is Jaime allowed back into Canada or left stranded in the dreaded US of A? (And therefore about to be unceremoniously shipped back to Oz - I hope not!!)

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