"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

Happy Halloween

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Well we've been blessed with a gorgeous autumn so far. I've never seen a sunnier September and October in Vancouver. But I knew it couldn't last. The rain started yesterday and today its pouring. My heart goes out to all those little kiddies out there with their awesome, well-planned Halloween costumes that are about to be covered up by parkas and rain-jackets. I join in the communal whine of "Awe Mum!".

Luckily our Halloween plans are not too affected by the weather. As going out drinking and dancing isn't in the flight plan these days, a trip to the one of the awesome local club gigs is out. However, our good friends Rena and Elwood have invited us over to watch B-movies and play Rock Band 2. And they live in a house so I can totally give candy to the trick or treaters who brave the elements.

And using this photo to segue from Halloween, I am happy to announce that I have culled and edited through most of my photos from our European Holiday this past spring. Part One includes Paris and Dusseldorf. Promise to have the UK shots up shortly.

Worst food to drop into your keyboard?

By Shanathalas
I just found out: oatmeal. Liquidy enough to really get in there fast and solidy enough to really make a sticky mess.

+1: We're having a Baby!!!

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This is probably not news to the viewing several out there, but I'm excited to announce our foray into the world of parenthood. I'm just on the cusp of my 20th week of pregnancy, hence my relatively limited posting over the past few months. Making a baby is exhausting; a full day of work just drains me to the point where eating dinner and sitting on the couch are barely manageable when I get home. And nausea and dizziness have firmly hung on to be dragged into my second trimester as well. Still, we couldn't be happier.

This morning we had our second ultrasound. Little baby looks good and far more baby-like than he/she did on the 13 week ultrasound. I'm already getting little kicks, punches and pokes in my belly. Even daddy got a to feel one last week.

I'm trying not to worry too much about all the upcoming trials and tribulations. As we live in a tiny one bedroom, we'll have to move either before or shortly after the bub arrives. Also, a year of reduced income.

Ironically, this little bub will be a Canadian citizen before Jai or I. Dual-citizen at birth; nice one.

Anyway, expect this blog to be slightly more baby-focused in the next little while. Still, I will keep the geek quotient up with stuff like this.

So How Good is Your Eyeballin' ?

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I've always thought my ability to judge measurements by eye has always been pretty good. Turns out, I was right. The eyeballing game is awesome in its simplicity. Though I have always considered myself math inept, I've always had an aptitude for guessing measurements that are real. My best score for one run through is 1.91, but the game has you run through three times and then averages your score, so my best so far is 2.59 (which got me into the top 10 out of the last 500 games). Maybe I should have been an architect?

Try it!

The Red Ring of Death

By Shanathalas
The xbox 360 owners out there know what we're talking about.

I hate microsoft.