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Worst food to drop into your keyboard?

By Shanathalas
I just found out: oatmeal. Liquidy enough to really get in there fast and solidy enough to really make a sticky mess.

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  1. Robert 11:40 AM
    Your mac doesn't like Quaker Oats?
  2. Shanathalas 11:43 AM
    Luckily its just the crappy old Dell keyboard hooked up to the macbook while I'm sitting at my desk at home. I wouldn't eat oatmeal over my maccee. (though at least the keys are closer on the macbook with less room for leakage).
  3. Kass 2:13 PM
    Yoghurt is pretty annoying. Wish my work would give me a sweet macbook, so I could probably just spill yoghurt on it lol.
  4. Jaime 7:40 PM
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  5. Jaime 8:20 PM
    your aware that thats my "work" dell keyboard
  6. Kass 12:57 PM
    Nothing like smearing oatmeal on official "work" equipment lol.

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