"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

Spring Has Sprung

By Shanathalas
While the true calendar start to spring is still over a month away, today was indeed the first day of spring. It was a balmy 12 degrees, the sun was shining and so I went walking arm-in-arm with my best bub along the seawall and down to Stanley Park. It was glorious. We saw our first daffodils and both honey and bumble bees of the season. I took some nice photos of the Vancouver spring.

Then we came home and watched the Academy Awards, but I'll keep mum on that until our friends downunder have had the chance to watch the show on time delay.

My Dream Sitting Room

By Shanathalas

I came across this amazing blog post on building for your books on Ectoplasmosis* the other day. This is just the most amazing looking housing for books. I dream of one day having enough space to present all of our book collection, which is currently spread across two continents.

*Warning: while this article is decidedly harmless, a good portion of what you see on Ectoplasmosis is indeed Not Safe for Work.

Scary New Dinosaur Found

By Shanathalas
From the National Geographic website:
Newfound dinosaur Eocarcharia dinops grew to about 25 feet (7.6 meters) long.

It had powerful limbs and 3-inch-long (7.6 centimeter-long) blade-shaped teeth, likely for disabling prey and severing body parts, according to a study released on February 12, 2008.

The dinosaur's brow was also massively swollen, giving it a menacing glare. Scientists speculate that the feature may have been used by the reptile and related species in head-butting contests over mating rights.

Eocarcharia was a carcharodontosaurid, meaning it was from the family that gave rise to some of the largest southern predatory dinosaurs, matching or exceeding Tyrannosaurus rex in size.

Wouldn't like to meet this guy in a dark alley.

Be Kind Rewind Trailer zanyness

Category: By Shanathalas
I am so looking forward to the new "Be Kind, Rewind" movie. I am an avid Michel Gondry fan, and a massive filmophile, so this looks great. But if the trailer was not great enough:

Michel Gondry decided to take a page for the movie, and reshoot the whole trailer again with himself playing all the roles:


Awesome New Site: Flickrvision

Category: By Shanathalas
Just finished my Writing for the Web course, which was awesome. My teacher was fantastic; I thoroughly enjoyed it. But along with imparting lots of knowledge, my teacher alerted to me a fabulous new site. Most readers may already know this, as I am often last in the loop, but in case you haven't already, check out . Its like a marriage between Flickr and Google Maps. And for those who also like twitter, there is the associated site of

Somehow these two sites (especially when viewed in 3D) really emphasize how interconnected we all are on this planet. I love the internet.

Rudd says Sorry

Category: By Shanathalas

While people have many opinions on this event, no one can say this was not an historic moment. Personally, this makes me proud to be Australian (and it's been a while since I've said that). Saying Sorry is important, and now we need a plan to right the wrongs our government has done to the indigenous peoples. I hope they will set up a Resolution project like they have here in Canada. Though I hope they can come up with something that is more than just cash hand-outs. That does not solve the problem.

Favourite Music Videos: Human Behaviour - Bjork

By Shanathalas
Was talking to someone the other day about this video and received blank stares. Apparently, they had not seen this awesome video. So I present it for the viewers out there, and start my series on my favourite music videos.

PS. This is Michel Gondry's first music video.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

By Shanathalas
Happy Chinese New Year Everyone. It's Year of the Rat.

I like Rats :)

We Are Go!

By Shanathalas
OMG, OMG! We just bought our plane tickets to Europe! We are actually going. Its so exciting but I'm so anxious about getting enough money, especially as I'm not sure about my whole job situation. Still, this is something we really have to do.

The plan is to hit Paris, Düsseldorf, London, Edinburgh (and the highlands hopefully) and west england and maybe even Wales. And of course visit a whole bunch of friends we have living over there. This is awesome.