"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

Spring Has Sprung

By Shanathalas
While the true calendar start to spring is still over a month away, today was indeed the first day of spring. It was a balmy 12 degrees, the sun was shining and so I went walking arm-in-arm with my best bub along the seawall and down to Stanley Park. It was glorious. We saw our first daffodils and both honey and bumble bees of the season. I took some nice photos of the Vancouver spring.

Then we came home and watched the Academy Awards, but I'll keep mum on that until our friends downunder have had the chance to watch the show on time delay.

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  1. Jaime 12:02 AM
    We should have recorded your snarky comments for back home ;)
  2. Shoshe 9:25 PM
    It's just under 12 degrees here -- but the other 12 (12F, which Google says is quite close to -12C)! We had our first big snowstorm yesterday. From what I hear, our winter is supposed to last another 2-3 months.

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