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Merry Ole London

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So we've made it to the UK. It actually took us less time to get from Dusseldorf to London than it did to go from Heathrow to the Docklands, but we made it to our next temporary home staying with our friend, Aoife, who has been a fabulous host.

Today we took in the British Museum, and saw Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Buckingham Palace and even saw some Canada Geese in St James Park. This evening we were shown to the Prospect of Whitby for dinner by our good friend Falsedan and his lovely girlfriend, Aija. We enjoyed a lovely pub meal and drinks, though the pub was so old and the floors so sloped, you had to hold on to your drink lest it slide off the table.

Tomorrow were going to try to get to the Tower of London.


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Hey all, just letting you know that I posted a few photos of our trip to flickr.

In Deutschland

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So we made it to Düsseldorf! Five hours on the trains from Paris and then last night we were eating roast pork and drinking copious amounts of German beer. Its great catching up with Steve and Alex and their little bub, Emily. Today we checked out the Rhine river, the mustard museum and watched the Chelsea v Manchester Utd. game.

Five Days and 700 photos later.

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That's right folks: 700 photos. Paris has been awesome! I've managed to see almost everything I set out to see (I've left a somethings for the next time I come to Paris). My favourites have been:
  • Notre Dame Cathedral. Imposing by today's standards, but can you imagine what it would have been like to most folks in the old days before high rises? I must confess that I actually started to weep when I first entered this amazing edifice. Today we climbed to the top of the tower, which had an awesome view, gargoyles and a whopping bell.
  • Museum of the Middle Ages. A lot more relaxed that most other museums, and a great collection of medieval arts and artefacts, including the Lady and the Unicorn tapestry.
  • Saint Chapelle. Gorgeous stained glass and medieval decoration.
  • The Catacombes. The feeling one gets in those dark tunnels with all those dead is indescribable.
Anyway, my ordinoteur is telling me its almost time. Will post more from Dusseldorf. Might even get some of my photos on flickr at that time too.

à Paris

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We are here! Just had my first french coffee and croissant. Our hotel is lovely and from our small balcony we have a beautiful view. To the right: Notre Dame Cathedral, to the left: the dome of the Pantheon. Anyway, off to sightsee!

PS - French keyboqrds qre retqrded!

The Itinerary

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So just a couple more days til' our holiday. Were rushing around like frantic madmen trying to get all our various crap done before we leave. I've been burning the midnight oil trying to get the ASBC website done before I go, but I think I'm fighting a losing battle. This morning I woke up with a migraine for the first time in a long time, which was upsetting. Hope it's just a one-off. Poor Jaime had an epic journey on transit to get to Coquitlam yesterday, but came home the victor with a new jacket.

But for those who care, our itinerary is:

April 18: Fly from Vancouver to Paris
April 25: Train from Paris to Dusseldorf
April 28: Fly from Dusseldorf to London (into terrifying Terminal 5 :(
May 2: Train from London to Edinburgh
May 9: Train from Edinburgh to London
May 9: Train from London to Swindon
May 18: Train from Swindon to Heathrow
May 19: Fly from Heathrow to Vancouver

It's gonna be awesome!

The Whole Paperwork thing.

By Shanathalas
Step 1: Find all your paperwork currently strewn through the house.
Step 2: Place on table.
Step 3: Sort paperwork.
Step 4: File paperwork away in file folder.

As usual, I'm halfway through step 3 and have completely run out of energy. I now fall back into this pattern:

Step 3a: file away the small amount of paperwork I've sorted.
Step 3b: push all the rest of the paper in a massive pile. Hide somewhere in the house.
Step 3c: Wait a month, attempt step 1 again.

Two Sides to Every Coin

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So one of my favourite sites is Cute Overload, a totally sappy site devoted to cute animals. Having a bad day? I always recommend 10 minutes viewing Cute Overload; it always lifts one's spirits somewhat. However, the other day I came across Ugly Overload, a site dedicated to butt-ugly animals. While a lot less cute and fluffy, it is very interesting and I must say better laid out with better quality photography and a lot less lolcats. Ugly Overload showcases bittersweet animals like this terrifying ring-tailed lemur baby (the do grow up to be quite cute):


14 Sleeps til Europe

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I'm so very excited! I busily getting things ready for my trip. Having picked up and read the Lonely Planet guide to Paris, I now realise that I will not be able to do/see it all. So I ask you, the viewing several, to leave your comments of what you loved most about Paris and what's not to miss.