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Two Sides to Every Coin

Category: , By Shanathalas
So one of my favourite sites is Cute Overload, a totally sappy site devoted to cute animals. Having a bad day? I always recommend 10 minutes viewing Cute Overload; it always lifts one's spirits somewhat. However, the other day I came across Ugly Overload, a site dedicated to butt-ugly animals. While a lot less cute and fluffy, it is very interesting and I must say better laid out with better quality photography and a lot less lolcats. Ugly Overload showcases bittersweet animals like this terrifying ring-tailed lemur baby (the do grow up to be quite cute):


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  1. Alex 10:46 AM
    A face that only a mother lemur could love! But definitely cuggly (that's cute and ugly) :-)
  2. Kris 7:07 PM
    I think its kinda cute! :D

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