"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

Te he he - April Fools

By Shanathalas
So every April 1st usually catches me by surprise, leaving me no time to properly set up a good gag and making me fall back on stale jokes like "look out the window: it's snowed!"*. But this year I managed to have master plan just pop into my head. I have cleverly rigged up our large Halloween decoration spider above the inside of our door to our coffee room downstairs at work. Wayne, who is a great sweetheart of a man, but a bit of a trickster who likes to play jokes, is the one who always goes downstairs and opens the door to make coffee. I can't wait til a large purple spider drops on his head tomorrow morning!

Wayne and the spider last Halloween:

* Jokes on us: it was snowing two days ago.

Cherry Blossoms and Snow

By Shanathalas

So it’s March 28th and it’s snowing in Vancouver. I’m not complaining, especially in light of the amount of snow they have back east (metres and metres of the stuff), it’s just so strange to be getting snow here when it’s almost April. Late in arriving this year, the pink cherry blossoms and yellow daffodils are now covered in snow and looking kind of sad. I shan’t expect the snow to stick around long. Sadly, I didn’t have my camera with me today, but in lieu of photos, I’ve written a bad haiku:

Early spring snow falls
Onto the cherry blossoms
Cold flowers shiver


Why I Love Glass

Category: , By Shanathalas
I came across this short demonstration of the odd properties of the "prince rupert's drop" on boing boing. Glass is magical stuff.


Daylight Savings

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It sucks. I'm already late for work.

Good Night Sweet DM

By Shanathalas
Sad news this morning: Gary Gygax (the founder of Dungeons & Dragons) passed away. Though I am a newcomer to world of D&D, I must confess a love for the game. In this crazy hectic world of impending doom, super-business, unsatisfying work and general grrrr, it is nice once a week to meet up with your geeky-pals to shoot the shit, share some food and drink, and to feel the satisfaction of putting the smackdown on a bunch of nasty orkses.

Penny Arcade sums it up best: