"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

Double Happiness

By Shanathalas
The internet has recently served me up not one, but two lovely little morsels. And coincidentally, both involve the wonderful Stephen Fry. First off, I was delighted to see that Stephen Fry has started a blog. A very gifted writer, his blessays (blog essays, as he calls them) on such things as the iphone and the nature of fame are fabulous reads. It is my new favourite blog.

Secondarily, while channel surfing the other day, we came across this lovely little children's show called Pocoyo. Made in Spain using a C.G.I. style that mimics claymation, the show tells lovely little tales of Pocoyo ("little me"), a mischievous but delightful little boy that reminds me so much of our good friends' gorgeous son Dante. I am rarely impressed by children's television, but I haven't seen anything as good as this since the likes of Sesame Street or Pingu. And who narrates the English version of the afore mentioned Pocoyo?: Stephen Fry! I could listen to that voice all day. And thanks to youtube, I have been able to watch many episodes of Pocoyo. Ones like this:

Where? When? What?

By Shanathalas
Sorry for the absence. Our move did not work out so well. The new place we moved into turns out to be an absolute dump, so after some scrambling we will be moving again on Monday. We shall be renting an apartment in the same building as mum. Its nice as its on the 20th floor across from the beach, but it means moving out of the community we like and into downtown, which isn't ideal. Still, we couldn't stay here.

To top it off, I have been offline due to a severe allergic reaction. The doctors think it was to antibiotics, seventeen days after I started taking it. So I once again found myself in the hospital, where I was literally in the waiting room from hell. Imagine a poorly-lit, smelly waiting room. Populate it with an angry junkie, a homeless man, a concussed bike-courier, a man with the worlds stinkiest, ugliest fungal-infected toe nails, and me and my long-suffering husband. The TV was stuck high out of reach with no remote-control, so I could not turn off the back-to-back episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter, followed by Criss Angel. My feet and hands swelling up like balloons and paralysis in my legs. Fun, fun, fun. Follow by five days of steroids and antihistamines. Now I am learning the pain of Prednisone withdrawal.

However, I am hoping things are on the upswing and next week I will find myself in a new home and in less pain.

Cause someone else started it first...

By Shanathalas
followed this link off another blog. Found out just how nerdy I am. I'm the Nerd Queen apparently. At least my dork score was lowest. says I'm a Nerd Queen.  What are you?  Click here!

Spetember 1, 2007

By Shanathalas
Today is Abby & Pete's wedding over in England, and I was supposed to be there as Maid of Honour. Instead I'm packing up house and getting ready to move in two hours to less nice but less expensive apartment. I had so hoped and planned to be there for Abby. Its so disappointing to have a goal you work to toward and not achieve. So much seemed to conspire against us this past year; trouble with steady work, massive health issues, and work visa problems, but I still held out hope we would make it to Europe. I guess it will have to be next year now.

Abby will walk down the aisle in ten minutes. Have the best day Abby & Pete - I'm there with you in spirit.