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Merry Ole London

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So we've made it to the UK. It actually took us less time to get from Dusseldorf to London than it did to go from Heathrow to the Docklands, but we made it to our next temporary home staying with our friend, Aoife, who has been a fabulous host.

Today we took in the British Museum, and saw Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Buckingham Palace and even saw some Canada Geese in St James Park. This evening we were shown to the Prospect of Whitby for dinner by our good friend Falsedan and his lovely girlfriend, Aija. We enjoyed a lovely pub meal and drinks, though the pub was so old and the floors so sloped, you had to hold on to your drink lest it slide off the table.

Tomorrow were going to try to get to the Tower of London.

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  1. Jen 4:48 PM
    Sounds like you are having such a wonderful time there!
  2. Kass 3:40 PM
    Hey, I've been to that pub! It's lovely on a wet windy day :)

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