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Happy Halloween

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Well we've been blessed with a gorgeous autumn so far. I've never seen a sunnier September and October in Vancouver. But I knew it couldn't last. The rain started yesterday and today its pouring. My heart goes out to all those little kiddies out there with their awesome, well-planned Halloween costumes that are about to be covered up by parkas and rain-jackets. I join in the communal whine of "Awe Mum!".

Luckily our Halloween plans are not too affected by the weather. As going out drinking and dancing isn't in the flight plan these days, a trip to the one of the awesome local club gigs is out. However, our good friends Rena and Elwood have invited us over to watch B-movies and play Rock Band 2. And they live in a house so I can totally give candy to the trick or treaters who brave the elements.

And using this photo to segue from Halloween, I am happy to announce that I have culled and edited through most of my photos from our European Holiday this past spring. Part One includes Paris and Dusseldorf. Promise to have the UK shots up shortly.

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