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I'm Just a Girl:

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But I fooled the GenderAnalyzer! Following a link from Boing Boing, this web tool is supposed to analyze blogs to predict whether they are written by a man or a woman. My blog was analyzed and "We think is written by a man". Wrong! I'm a girl and I have the baby in my tummy to prove it. In fact, considering I just posted about being pregnant, I wonder what more of a hint I could have given the genderanalyzer? According to the poll on their site, it seems to be right only 56% of the time. Random guessing would give us better odds I figure.

Anybody else out there try it? How'd it work for you?

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  1. chelle 2:08 PM
    it thinks i'm a boy too.

    even with all my wangst.

  2. Kass 2:19 PM
    I wonder what it actually analyzes..

    It guessed right with me, maybe it just caught you as a boy because you talk about geeky gamer stuff, which is not to say that's not a girls domain as well..
  3. Evelyn 2:55 PM
    when I used to blog I tried it and I too was picked as a boy. Apparently its supposed to work on picking up 'stronger' word usages - you know boys talk about things, girls talk about feelings.

    And that's despite the fact that I did used to bring up feminist topics a fair bit

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