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Obligatory Election Day Post

Category: By Shanathalas
So I've not posted about the upcoming US election so far just because so many other blogs have had so many good posts on the subject. But with today being election day I feel the need to post this political commentary:

But seriously, he's got to win. As a long-time lefty, I share the same fear that our dreams will be dashed again as they were in 2000 and 2004. But I will admit that for as much as I have admired Al Gore, he ran a poor campaign in 2000. And in 2004, the option was John Kerry, who while an obvious better choice than Bush, was not a great choice.

But Obama is something special. A young politician who has managed to get a position that no one expected two years ago. To have come this far from such humble beginnings is remarkable. He's African American (literally), raised by a single parent, and without political connections. He speaks with such diplomacy, not in polarised concepts but seeing the middle way. The thought that someone with such a sense of the big picture could run what is still the most powerful nation in the world is truly refreshing. There is no option other than Obama. So I'm going to go with a positive prediction:

Obama will win the election today and the world will look back at this moment as the point where the world shifted in a better direction.

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  1. Kass 11:29 AM
    I'm hoping for Obama too, the world needs this change!
  2. chelle 6:32 PM
    I hope you're right. Not specifically about Obama winning, although I hope that too, but that it will actually bring about change.

    If our last election is anything to go by, change of governments means absolutely squat.

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