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Too Hot!!!

By Shanathalas

I’m officially over this heat. Its just too damn hot! having suffered through six Australian Summers, I have to say that this is the worst. Maybe its because the humidity is back - the drought kept it a “dry heat”. Or maybe its because my usual places of refuge (the office, movie theatres, shopping centres) can no longer keep up with heat. I’ve never seen so many air conditoners fail in my life. My office is currently a balmy 29 degrees. How on earth I’m expected to think or create stuff is beyond me.

I suppose if I was on holidays it’d be ok. If I was sitting on the edge of a swimming pool, wearing nothing but my cossie, legs cooling in the beautiful water, a pina colada with tons of ice in my hand, then I’d say “lovely weather were having today”. But as I’m at work slaving over a hot computer, I say “its too damn hot”!!!

Last night I got so desparate I had to watch a doco on Penguins just to cool down!


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