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You Must Be This Tall To Ride

By Shanathalas

Neck, back and low blood pressure problems be damned, today we went to playland. My childhood amusement park still has one of the few original wooden rollercoasters…you know, the ones that look like they’re about to fall down at any moment. I had a serious fear of the coaster as a child and only ever went on it a couple times as a adult. Jaime coaxed me onto it again and it was just as terrifying as I remembered. It doesn’t have any of those well-fitting harness-type bars the modern rollercoasters have, but the generic straight bar across the car which doesn’t help keep you in car (holding on for dear life does that). The bar’s only purpose seems to be bruising your ribs as your thrown forward on the upward track after a massive drop. And there are some serious drops on the Coaster. I haven’t screamed like that in years…it was great.

We also went on a bunch of less terrifying but very fun rides, played minigolf and air hockey and ate those 12 for 3$ mini cinnamon donuts. It was Fun-tastic!


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