"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

Just like Christmas

By Shanathalas
Our belongings that we had shipped from Australia arrived yesterday. They had been picked up on June 14th, so they took over three months to cross the Pacific. What we had most been waiting for was our queen size Posturpedic bed. After 8 weeks of sleeping on an inflatable mattress, our spines were like pretzels and our tempers were short. Last night I slept in a proper bed again and it was bliss.

Also, Wolfy the cello made the journey in one-piece and arrived safely, though very out of tune, to his new home. I am very scared that in the three months I was without my cello that I have forgotten how to play.

This weekend we'll unpack everything properly to make sure everything arrived unscathed. I think we'll be making the trip out to Ikea to get a bunch of bookshelves for the ton of books we have. Its nice having our old things again. Somehow, it makes our new apartment more like home. And three months without one's crap makes you appreciate it more.

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  1. Kass 2:45 PM
    Makes you appreciate how much crap you really have, or that you missed having a home so much? :)

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