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Nice work if you can get it

By Shanathalas
While my search for full-time work continues, I have just started a 4 - 6 week temping assignment as a computer game QA Tester for 34*. I haven't found out which project I'll be on yet, but I have a sneaky suspicion it will be a sports game. Still, it beats reception work and the pay is only slightly more crappy. Besides at the moment I spend all my time playing computers games for nothing.

*names changed to protect the multinational.

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  1. chelle 2:44 PM
    yay! nice one :)
  2. Sally 3:59 AM
    Yay! Onya Shannon. Some work has got to be better for morale than none, and as you say, at leasy you are going to be doing something slightly more interesting than reception work...
  3. Sally 4:00 AM
    Good work Shannon! Something like this has got to be better than reception work, aye?

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