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Best Live Show EVER!!!

By Shanathalas
Last night Jaime and I had a little slice of home. We went to see the Cat Empire at the Commodore Ballroom. It was just amazing to see such a great live band in the best live venue around. I haven't danced and sung so much at a concert. The band put on such a show, giving the audience exactly what they wanted. I was surprised by the turn out, I didn't realise they were that big in Canada. There were obviously many aussies there, but there were also a surprising amount of Oirish there too (one of whom, a very drunk and belligerent woman, had a good ole rant about how Canadians are too polite)*. The whole crowd was right into it, jumping and singing along for over two hours. There are good bands out there, but not a lot of bands are 150% better live.

*Most Vancouverites thank the bus driver as they get off the bus.

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  1. Kass 4:04 PM
    Awwe! So we missed out on a sweet concert! Sarah (Gord's gf Sarah) likes the Cat Empire and she'll be up for the weekend, you should talk to her about them :)
  2. chelle 7:24 PM
    hey, i thank the bus driver.

    bus driver, bus driver.

    except if the bus driver's a cock.

    oh i see ... that might be exactly the problem over here :p
  3. vohumanu 5:57 PM
    hey! I thank the bus driver too. they're only so grouchy because they've got a thankless job. but wait! thank them some more and I'm sure they'll be nicer next time.

    well, except in canada where all public servants who fail niceness tests are removed from the gene-pool.
  4. wulf 11:39 AM
    Hehe I honestly thought if we said the wrong thing to that Irish woman she was going to swing her beer bottle at me.

    At least you didn't have the drunk guy leaning on you for 5 minutes.

    Damn forgot to add that part to my blog.

    I've always thanked bus drivers. I guess I'm just polite..... *urge to tell someone off for no reason rising*

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