"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

Two Great Words: Free Coffee

By Shanathalas
Somehow the caterers at EA managed to find a way to boil large amounts of water, for when I arrived at work this morning it was to the tune of free coffee for everyone!!! After six days with no coffee, the timbre of the work environment had got very unhappy, and folks weren't sticking around for overtime. But today everything is happiness for we have free coffee.

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  1. Kass 10:13 AM
    Aaah!! Bunny loves the coffee toooo!!

    Everything feels right in the world, after that sweet coffee :)
  2. wulf 11:30 AM
    Bah EA is just an enabler. You were almost cold turkey and free of coffee's control.

    Do I have to lock you in that room with the baby on the ceiling again?
  3. Kass 9:29 AM
    Jaime, you are a MEAN and EVIL husband.

    *shudders at thought of baby on ceiling* Noa Trainspotting!
  4. Shanathalas 6:58 PM
    All week I've come home all tired from working in the pixel mines, and all week Jai's made me dinner.

    He's a wonderful husband :)

    (even if he doesn't drink coffee)
  5. Kass 9:16 AM
    Shannon - Wanting him to make you dinner next week right? lol
  6. wulf 1:57 PM
    Just think, if I actually drank coffee I'd be just as wrecked and incablable of making delicious dinners.

    We end up just pretty much eating startch... which reminds me, i think we'll be eating pergoies for dinner tonight ;)

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