"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

Feeling a little low

By Shanathalas
I'm trying to keep my chin up, but I'm feeling depressed. I was really looking forward to Christmas this year, but now I've broken my foot, missed out on any Christmas parties, and all our guests for our Christmas day dinner have piked. I really miss our friends overseas. I wish you could you all email yourselves to me for Christmas.

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  1. chelle 12:46 PM
    awwwwwwwww, you poor thing. [hugs] hope you feel better soon.

    ps: we all miss you guys too!
  2. Sally 7:53 PM
    Chill out and enjoy the peace and tranquility of your first lovely wintery Christmas back in Vancouver with your gorgeous new husband! There's much to celebrate and enjoy in your life!

    Make something special to feast on over Christmas, and appreciate each others comfort and company.

    You'll be fine, my dear! It would have been good to see you over the holiday period though.

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