"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"


By Shanathalas
To the non-gamers: avert your eyes. To my wowser friends: W00t! The Burning Crusade is here! Now my lovely Night Elf Hunter (named Shanathalas, of course) can level up to 70 in the wide, wide world of Outland. But wait! That's not all. Now I can create lovely little newbie characters as Blood Elves or Dranei. Blood Elves are nasty, anorexic, magic-loving elves that have sided with the horde faction (AKA, the bad guys) of Azeroth. My blood elf? A red-haired warlock named "LizBathory".

Dranei on the other hand are part of the Alliance (that's right: the good guys). They are cloven-hoofed, Russian-speaking Aliens. Any Halo fan out there will recognise that the dranei technology is pure covenant, as evidenced by the extensive use of lilac-coloured crystals. My dranei is a cutesy-pie shaman named "BadRobot" (an homage to JJ Abrams).

They rock!

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  1. Kass 1:57 PM
    I sure am glad I dont play WOW, this shit looks addictive!

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