"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

My Sweet Babboo

By Shanathalas

Jai and I have been married for one whole year now. It’s amazing to think. It seems both like yesterday and a million years ago. And while it’s been a tough year, we are both so happy together. We seem to have had an over-abundance of “poorer” and “sickness” in our first year of marriage, and while life’s potholes always appear in our way, we are always able to lift each other up. I could not hope for a better hubby. Thanks for your patience, humour and love this past year (and indeed the six years before that). Happy Anniversary to my sweet babboo.

PS: Thanks for all the yummy sammiches :)


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  1. chelle 7:54 PM
    congratulations :)

    (not that anyone thought you guys wouldn't make it - you're made for each other, and so super cute too :p)

    hope you do something lovely to celebrate!
  2. Sally 3:05 AM
    Wow! A year already! That really has gone fast and slow all at once. Your wedding was definitely the second best wedding I've been to. (my own was obviously my favourite)
  3. Shanathalas 8:43 AM
    I guess you're allowed to like your own wedding better Sally ;)
  4. evelyn 3:21 AM

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