"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

The Calm Before the Storm

By Shanathalas
Sorry I haven't posted in a while: my new job is a closed network, so no interweb at work. Great for my productivity, but bad for keeping up with my blogging, rss etc...

The good news is that my new job is great. The team is made up of really good people, my work environment is fabulous and I'm learning a lot. The bad news is that the day I started, Jaime found out that the extension on his work visa has been denied. So as of Monday, he's not allowed to work, and had lost his job (you know, the one he loves and gets loads of positive feedback etc...). As it was total bureaucratic snafu, he can reapply and should get his visa back in a month or two, and his work will likely take him back then. But in the meantime, we are living on my now very poor salary. Why can't I just have a little time without major stress in my life.

So no going to England for Abby and Pete's wedding :( which is so disappointing.

We have to move out of our apartment and likely move back into mum's one-bedroom apartment again.

Jaime gets paid out all his holiday pay, but obviously can't actually go on a holiday.

Plans for holidays are put on hold again.

Plans for studying are on hold again.

Plans for kids are on hold again.

I'm beginning to wonder if our life will ever get off hold. Can't we have a time period without massive stress for just a little while?

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  1. Alex 4:00 PM
    Sorry to hear about Jaime's visa - you guys just can't seem to get a break! I hope it gets sorted out asap. At least your new job is good - finally, some good news!
  2. chelle 4:15 PM
    poor guys :( you're having a particularly rough trot since just before you moved, i think. life isn't normally that fucky. well, maybe. sometimes it feels like it is. anyway, things will get easier, i'm sure. you just have to try and stay positive even when everything's super hard. i'm thinking positive thoughts for you guys too :)
  3. vohumanu 11:09 PM
  4. evelyn 2:33 AM
    so sorry about this, I was really looking forward to seeing you when you came to the UK. But I know what money woes are like - our holiday plans are all being re-evaluated too.
  5. becstarr 5:51 PM
    Boo for bureacracy... Fingers crossed for the forms to come through quickly and for things to fall into place - and stay there!

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