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OMG: My Dream Job

By Shanathalas
I have just been hired as a Research Assistant to the Laboratory of Archaeology at UBC. Its so exciting. I was really starting to get despondent about the career part of my life. While the job is not great paying, and is only for six-months, that is huge in archaeological terms. I will be doing what I love. My student loans have justified themselves. I'm almost too excited to talk. all I can say is that THE MILKY BARS ARE ON ME!!!!

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  1. wulf 12:43 PM
    Grats heaps sweety. Time to celebrate!
  2. aoife 1:10 PM
    Shannon - I am so happy for you! Congratulations - you should be so proud- enjoy it !

    PS - I can go back to being a lapsed catholic and stop praying for you now!
  3. modmonkeyqueen 4:22 PM
  4. shoshe 6:59 PM
  5. Jen 5:19 AM
    This is fantastic news, especially after the hard decision to quit your old job. We are so pleased for you, Shan, and hope this leads to more new, wonderful and exciting opportunities.
  6. moondiamond 10:05 PM

    I'll Bring some Milky Bars with me!

  7. Beppie 1:22 AM
  8. Anonymous 2:37 PM
    Congrats Shan!! About time you got what you wanted.

    Although...leaving a gaming testing like left my dream job! Can I have it?

    Lots of luck to you =). Big hugs to flan and shan from Roffle/Susie
  9. becstarr 12:56 AM
    Great work Shan! Pics of the new workplace & workmates soon eh?

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