"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

So it's the last day of the year.

By Shanathalas
It may be cliche to say it, but this year sped by so fast. Which is not surprising as I pretty much spent the first half of the year recovering from my broken foot and DVT. So this didn't leave as much time as I would have liked for achieving my goals. My greatest disappointment this year was not making it to Europe for Abby & Pete's wedding in September. Financially, this year was a write-off; between the all the physiotherapy bills, non-working recovery time and working at the museum, I've done very poorly in the money department this year. But I have to say that overall I am left with a feeling of achievement when reflecting on the year.

Though a day has not gone by when I haven't experienced a lot of pain from it, I have pushed my broken foot to get back to normal. The day I had my cast removed after ten weeks, I walked (or more limped) the 25 blocks back from the hospital. A few months later I managed to start getting to ballet classes again, and a couple of months ago I took up flamenco dancing. My foot it is still all mangled and "clicks" with every step, but I'm gonna make it do what feet are meant to do. Next year I'm gonna start either indoor soccer or floor hockey again.

Career-wise I managed to finally get a job in my industry here in BC. Working as Research Assistant for the Archaeology Lab UBC has been a great experience. I have personally cataloged 8500 artefacts in five months. Talk about a crash-course in First Nations material culture. This project will be winding down 2008 and hopefully I will be moving on to finally start working in the Historical Research Analyst position I was hired to do last year. I will miss working for the museum, but will enjoy the bigger paycheques.

Relationship-wise, it's been a tough year for us. We've had injuries, bad finances, family-issue crap and even immigration nightmares working against us. But even so, I can honestly say that every day I grow to love my hubby even more. He is my rock (well, a really cuddly rock).

So as this year draws to a close I will make some resolutions:
  • Get our asses over to Europe. We're aiming for April/May as its less expensive to get there then and less full of tourists. We just have to do it.
  • More time creative/learning pursuits. I was so lucky to get a new camera last year, so I really need to start actively creating photos. Also on the learning front: thanks to free UBC Continuing Education I will be studying Introduction to Computer Programming. I will find out if I suck at it, or totally love it.
  • Make a real effort to keep in touch with people more often. Maybe rekindle friendships that I have let lapse. And make more new friends here in Vancouver.
  • Live more hopefully. I've really be living like there's another drama round the corner (cause there totally has been!) but this year I'm going to hope for smooth sailing. I've got a good feeling about 2008.
Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Jaime 2:25 PM
    It was a tough year but we made it through. 2007 had its ups and they were great, but out with the bad, keep the good. Heres to a better year all round.


  2. Jen 2:27 AM
    2007 was a hard one for you guys but we are all hoping that this new year will be a bloody fantastic one for ya!

    jen and co.
  3. aoife 5:52 AM
    Good to hear that you are approaching the New Year with gusto! My resolution is to keep in touch more too! Talk soon!

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