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So we're home. Jetlag is hitting me pretty bad so will have to leave a longer post for later. However, I would like say that this was the best holiday ever!!! So many awesome sights to see, so many great friends to catch up with (and we even made a few new ones). Hats off to all the awesome hosts who put us up.

I can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow morning. Have no idea how I'll cope. Looking forward to sleeping in our own bed tonight though.

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  1. Kass 7:05 PM
    Glad to hear your trip went so well! Can't imagine having to go back to work the day after returning home, with jetlag! Eep! That's gonna bite :(
    I want to see some pictures! I just know you'll have some sweet ones :)
  2. Evelyn 11:53 PM
    Missing you guys already! Thanks for the postcard too :)

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