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I Love...

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This post is a little viral in that I stole the idea from Jen, who stole the idea from pinsandthimbles . A writing exercise where you write 25 things you love in specific details. It reminds me of the opening moments of the film Amelie, where the narrator outlines what Amelie and her family "aime".

My list:
  1. I love cuddling with Jaime.
  2. I love listening to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees.
  3. I love eating eggs benedict on a lazy Sunday morning.
  4. I love listening to the sound of crisp, red leaves swishing around my feet on a cold, sunny autumn morning.
  5. I love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree.
  6. I love listening to crunch of snow beneath my feet in a world blanketed with snow.
  7. I love sitting in a big comfy chair with a good book on a rainy day.
  8. I love the infectious sound of Jaime giggling.
  9. I love arriving off a flight to be met at the arrivals hall by the smiling faces of friends and family.
  10. I love watching cats chase laser pointers.
  11. I love the sound of rain landing on our tent when we're safe and warm inside.
  12. I love pulling the caps off all the jars in our spice rack and smelling the rich spices.
  13. I love sitting round a campfire chatting with good friends.
  14. I love that in French my husband's name means "I Love".
  15. I love walking on a white, powdery-sand beach in the sun.
  16. I love the satisfying "click-thunk" noise SLR cameras make when you take a photo.
  17. I love warm toast with butter and Vegemite.
  18. I love my mum's roast chicken dinners.
  19. I love floating on water.
  20. I love the smell of bergamot in a really good cuppa earl grey tea.
  21. I love watching the scenery go by when travelling by train.
  22. I love when something makes me have a really good belly laugh.
  23. I love the sound of a well-played cello echoing through my heart.
  24. I love the costumed children, the smell of firecrackers, and the pure cold and dark of Halloween night.
  25. I love being caught up in the moment.

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