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Jonesing for some gaming

Category: By Shanathalas

I'm testing out some polling applications. There is no write in vote, so if you choose "other", you can always vote in the comments.

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  1. Tancred 3:48 AM
    WotLK will be out for WOW in the next 3-4 months. It's a great time to come back :)
  2. Jen 11:31 PM
    I don't know much about Spore but the concept sounds interesting and the creatures look cute :)

    I wish I had a PS3 so I could get Little Big Planet - Jaime told me that Spore was its competitor.
  3. Jaime 1:49 PM
    ?! Who voted for WoW on that list? Stop trying to tempt her back!
  4. Dave 5:10 AM
    Now you have said that J, I have to vote for WoW

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