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Canberra = Australia’ s necropolis

By Shanathalas

This past weekend we went down to Canberra to spend time with Dad and the family before we fly off to Canada. And while I have to say that I love my family, I HATE CANBERRA. From the moment I arrive I always feel the same: I develop a nagging headache, and sick feeling in my stomach that just doesn’t abate. Its like the town (I refuse to call it a city) is some kind of anamoly in physics. Gravity feels too heavy, the light is blinding, and it always manages to be too hot and too cold at the same time. The air is drier than an airline cookie. Its like the whole place is dead. The buildings all have this hollow look, like skulls. Half the trees are dead due to drought. And at nighttime the place is deserted.

And we did the things you do in Canberra: bushwalking, admiring people’s new kitchens, talking about water restrictions and discussing how John Howard is a dick.

We did this time however check out the zoo - its not bad. Its small, but has quite a few animals for its size.

Anyway, as we our coach sped away from the Jolimont Centre and began the three hour journey back to the Big Smoke, my headache and nausea started to ease. I hope the next time I see my Dad’s family, it’ll be in Canada.


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