"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

Officially Itinerant

By Shanathalas

Well I am now without a home and without a job. Its great! However it’s hard to stop thinking about all the projects I had on the go. “It’s not my problem anymore” is easy to say but hard to implement.

Its also so strange in my apartment now that all our belongings have gone. Its no longer “our home” but a space we use to live in. It seems to cold and serile, and yet it was so cosy and homey with all our stuff in it.

As a taurus with pretty ingrained security issues, I thought I would be more scared and stressed about leaving my home. But I am feeling pretty liberated. And very excited about our upcoming adventure to Canada. I guess having a fantastic hubby by your side means you always have a home.


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