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Coffee, Coffee, Coffee...

By Shanathalas
Wheeee…. my belated birthday present from Jai is a coffee machine! Its so wonderful to have proper brewed coffee now instead of instant. Brewed coffee, rather than esspresso or instant is the thing here, so I’ve found instant coffee here crappy. Now I have a little machine to make me the precious brown liquid I so love. Hooray!

In other news, I’ve been to see The Illusionist, which I would say is predictable, but stylish, with a great soundtrack by Phillip Glass.

Last weekend Jai & I saw Troilus & Cressida at the annual Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival. I had never seen Troilus & Cressida before, but was keen as I have a big interest in the Trojan War. The setting was daring: The US Civil War with the Trojans and the Souths the Greeks as the North. While this made for great costumes, I found all the Trojan’s “southern drawl” incredibly annoying. And while the antics of Achilles, Hector, Paris, Helen et al were very interesting, we kinda found the title characters to be rather dull. Not the best of the Bard’s plays, but a fun time under the big top none the less. We are hoping to get tickets to a Midsummer’s Night’s Dream before the end of the run.

The next day Jai, mum and I were off to the PNE - Pacific National Exhibition, which is the Vancouver equivalent of the Easter Show, except without showbags. We managed to stuff ourselves on little donuts, catch the Superdogs show and check out the prizehome, before Jai and Mum found the casino tent and the roulette wheel. As a no-good bum without a job, I didn’t bet, but as gainfully employed folk, Jai and mum tackled the wheel. They were both doing very well until the great croupier went on break and the World’s Worst Croupier turned up. She looked about 15, and was useless. She didn’t notice people playing with non-roulette chips, she dropped chips on the floor and managed to flick the ball off the roulette wheel and across the floor of the casino. And she was bad joo-joo - both mum and Jai lost all their chips. But it was still a fun day to be had.

Also, I had a job interview last week - lets hope that soon I will no longer be a bum.


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