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Still unemployed :(

By Shanathalas

So I’m still looking for work. Its been about six weeks and really didn’t think it would take this long. I hit rock bottom yesterday… I applied for a job with Flight Centre (the travel company that was spawned in satan’s a&*hole). The irony is that I have no chance of getting the job, as I they wouldn’t hire me five years ago because I was “overqualified”. Now I have two degrees and management experience, its not likely to improve. I’m actually starting to think of removing qualifications and experience from my cv. So far I’ve applied for jobs as:

  • Communications Assistant
  • Museum Research Assistant
  • Web Content Publisher
  • Games tester
  • Admin assistant to a medical program
  • Travel Consultant
  • Junior Archaeologist

As well as applying to several temp agencies. At least Jaime has a job, and is keeping us afloat. I’m so proud of him for getting a job so quickly and bringing home the bacon. At least I’ve determined one thing: I’m not housewife material. I’m no domestic goddess. I never thought I’d say this but “I can’t wait til I start working again”.


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