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All good things ...

By Shanathalas
... must come to an end. I knew my go as a games tester would finish, but I'm not thrilled the way it happened. We had initally been told we would be there 4-6 weeks. As the 4 weeks neared, we kept asking both the temp agency and EA when we would be finishing, but we just kept getting a big "we don't know". Then on Friday after, our manager finally had a meeting with us. He tells us that EA is much more impressed with the temps that they had expected them to be, and that it looks like were going to be staying longer than they originally said, and that they were just ironing out the details. So it was quiet a surprise to come home on saturday to find a message saying our work with EA was finished, effective immediately. Calls to my temp agency this morning verified that yes, we were told the wrong thing on Friday and yes, I'm out of a job. Its not the job ending I don't like (I'm hoping to get a better job soon) just they way it was carried out. Its not shocking from EA (they're terrible to their employees), but it is a surprise from such a large temp agency.

In other news, I got a free sample of Coca-Cola BLaK - and yes - its revolting. Only thing its good for is giving you a headache. I like Coke and I like coffee, but never the twain shall meet in my mind.

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  1. wulf 1:27 PM
    Don't worry Shan you'll get a job that pays more than tuppence ha'penny.

    Stranger things have happened. That horse becoming a pope for one.
  2. evelyn 3:01 PM

    good luck with the job searchescc
  3. Wanderlusting 3:59 PM
    Actually I didn't mind the Coke Blak. I admit I thought, who the hell thought Coke and Coffee were a good match. But it was kinda pleasant. Don't know if I would buy it though (I got the free samples too).

    As for EA. ARGGGGGGGG! Kass and I were lonely at lunch. They are such fuck ups, which is why I am sitting here and writing this instead of playing the games because I DONT CARE.

    I dont even know who to blame! Who do you blame here? Angus One? EA? Who is charge here anyway? ARG ARG ARG!

    After I heard about your departure this morning, I kinda hoped I would be let go too. Then I could go back to sleep.

    BTW my email is
  4. Kass 4:26 PM
    Dont worry too much about it chick, you'll get that sweet job you've been after at the UBC and then be away laughing :)
  5. Shanathalas 9:23 AM
    Thanks girls; its nice to know I was missed at lunch.

    Thanks for the email too. You originally sent it to me at my ea email, but I can no longer access that anymore.

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