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Ball Hogs Never Score

By Shanathalas
Jaime and I have been playing indoor soccer at a local community centre here in Vancouver. Its just casual, for fun soccer, and is technically co-ed. I say technically because even though it is advertised as "Co-ed", I am the only female who has ever shown up in the three months since we started playing. I don't mind being the only girl, it was the same way when I played pick-up soccer and floor hockey when I was a teen ager. And generally, most of the guys I play with are pretty good with it.

But last night this total asswipe turned up and was put on our team. Joaquin from Uruguay apparently has a blind spot for females, cause he didn't pass to me, AT ALL. For 105 minutes this dickhead just hogged the ball. I would be in perfect position by the net to score and instead of passing to me, he'd just run into three of the opposition. Or he'd get within a few metres of the net and then kick the ball AS HARD AS HE COULD, which of course would sent the ball flying into the wall about two metres above the net!!! Anyone who knows indoor soccer knows that scoring goals is a matter of finesse and positioning, and not sheer power. We use floor hockey nets, which are considerably smaller than a regular football net, and the chances of scoring in a hockey net with a soccer ball with three defenders standing there is pretty unlikely. And just kicking the ball as hard as you can just ends up turning the ball over to the oppositon at best, or at worst, injuring one of the poor defenders .

To be honest, he was such a ballhog, he didn't pass the ball to the male members of our team that much either. But at least he passed to them sometimes. But never to me. I mean what harm could it have done?! Its not like we keep score or anything. And believe it or not, while I'm not the fittest person on the team I am actually pretty good at ball handling, and have been known to score sometimes. And I am brilliant at assists (i don't need the glory, I'm happy to pass to a top scorer).

Sorry for the rant, but ball hogs make me angry.

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  1. Kass 11:44 AM
    I think he might need a punch in his hoggy face :/
  2. wulf 5:28 PM
    Yeah that guy was completely lousy. But don't worry. He was a drop in and more than likely won't be back.
  3. Sally 3:37 AM
    I hear ya loud and clear.I used to play mixed basketball and the same thing would happen with some of my tema mates that had dangly bits between their legs. It wasn't like I was going to lose the match - most of the time I passed it back to someone else who was likely to score. Frustrating and sexist! What's new, aye?

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