"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

The Beautiful White

By Shanathalas
Our earth is a miraculous thing. Yesterday it started snowing. Not unusual for Vancouver at this time of year, but this time its stuck. It was wonderful to be with Jaime when the snow started to fall, for though he had been to the snow before, he had never been in falling snow. We giggled as it landed on our noses. Its snowed all night and now everything is blanketed in a white velvet coat of snow. It certainly lifts my mood. Today we are going out take photos, build snowmen and make snow angels.

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  1. evelyn 2:14 PM
    I am so jealous. I would love it to snow here.

    I hope you two enjoy the snow and have lots of fun together. :)
  2. JtH 12:59 PM
    I loved having snow at Christmas when we were living in the UK. There is something a little strange about the decorations in Sydney and the pictures on cards having a snow theme when it's generally so bloody hot.
  3. Sally 5:12 PM
    I am so friggin jealous.

    Although the weather is beautiful here today.

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