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Running for the bus? I rolled a "1"

By Shanathalas
That's right people - I botched running across the street. This morning on the way to work I figured I'd sprint the block and half to the bus stop as my bus is always early and I didn't want to be late to EA. Unfortunately, in the middle of the street my fifth metatarsal bone on my right foot decided to break, sending me into a freefall 180 degree smash into the road. My hands, knee and ankles were all scraped up, but my foot was in agony. After some kind bystanders helped me up off the street, I hobbled home and applied ice to what I thought was a sprained foot. Alas, an hour later my foot was swelling like balloon and the pain was excruciating. So Mum (wonderful angel that she is) came over and off to the University of British Columbia Hospital we went. Good news: took hardly any time to be seen. Bad news: its broken alright. The xray of my foot almost made me puke. The bone is actually displaced. I have to wait two weeks to see the ortho doc to see if I need surgery and a pin.

So now I have this fancy stormtrooper boot cast and a pair crutches I call "fear" and "loathing". Getting to work tomorrow, which will be my last day at EA, will be hard with the walk, bus, train, bus, walk to work. Next week I start a new temp assignment as a web monkey for IBM. Luckily, one does not need a working foot to test games or migrate websites. Unfortunately, IBM is just down the road from EA, so I still have the horrendous commute.

Still, this gives me an opportunity to work on my upper body strength.

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  1. Sally 3:06 PM
    Shit Shannon! That sounds terrible! The xray sounds nauseating, but of course, if you put a photo of it on your blog, I'd look at it... Hope they've given you plenty of pain killers.
  2. Kass 4:42 PM
    You will forever go down in history as Hobble McJones. You had to do it just before our no more EA celebration, didn't you? *shakes head* lol.
  3. wulf 11:41 AM
    Pfft I've made all the pirate jokes and cowboy "hop along" jokes I can think of and yet she's still not laughing.

    Cheer up sweety, I'll look after you
  4. JtH 6:39 PM
    Acrobatic show Off. I mean, Hope you feel better soon.
  5. Tancred 10:32 AM
    Still thanks to football and the BBC I know a lot about this :)
  6. Illykai / 5:25 PM
    Argh! That's awful. Having recently recovered from my first broken bone I'm totally sympathising with you. Poor thing. =(

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