"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

By Shanathalas
Ok, so my winning streak on the Melbourne Cup is truly over. But it was a very close race, with Pop Rock losing out to Delta Blue by a nose. Try as I might to get the VPN connection to Sydney Uni working so as to pick up on their satellite feed of the race, it did not work, and we were forced to read about the results in the Sydney Morning Herald. I like to think that if I had been able to watch, my mental cheers for Pop Rock might just have edged her ahead of her Japanese comrade. To those who picked the winner (did anyone pick this horse, it was 17 to 1?), I salute you.

To follow up, our Halloween photos are now up on Jaime's Flickr site. There are some nice shots from both the Parade of Lost Souls and the Sanctuary Halloween Party, as well as shots of my jack-o-lantern mid-lobotomy. Here are some of my favourites. (that last one is for Dan).

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  1. Kass 9:31 AM
    Lego men! LEGO MEN!
  2. wulf 1:26 PM
    Damn, I thought ninja's don't show up on cameras. Back to Ninja School with me.
  3. Kass 11:31 AM
    Ninjas only show up on the cameras of elvin rangers? She was too fast for you, buddy!

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