"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

So long 2006

By Shanathalas
As this tumultuous year comes to a close, I reflect on the events of this year, both the highs and lows. 2006 brought me my happiest event ever; Our wedding. Getting married to the best guy in the world with so many of our friends and family there to celebrate with us was simply magical. And while the wedding was great, being married is even better.

Along with our wedding, our move to Vancouver has been great too, though not without a few hiccups. The good news with our move: Jaime found a fantastic job that he loves and where he is well respected. We have big apartment in a great part of the city, and already had the pleasure of overseas visitors (thanks Bez and Shoshe!). And being so close to Mum, who has been an absolute angel to us this year, is really wonderful. The bad news with the move; my not finding a decent job, so not having enough money to do the things we want to do. Also, missing our friends overseas so much that it hurts.

2006 brought Jaime's family three new members. Daniel, Jayden and Imogen are our new cousins born this year.

On the downside 2006 has not been a banner year for my health. With the ongoing problems with the pulsatile tinnitus, I have been subjected to the worst medical tests, ranging from the uncomfortable (MRI) to the extremely distressing (Lumbar Punctures). And as the year closes I have now broken my foot, torn my calf muscle, and may have a DVT. I am hoping for better health in 2007.

So I have decided to make specific resolutions for 2007:
  • Take up Indian Classical Dancing and learn how to do cartwheels. (I choose these aspirations BEFORE breaking my foot. I shall have to put them closer to the end of 2007).
  • Travel more; much more. At least making it to Europe in September for Abby's wedding, a visit to T & E in Edinburgh, and at last a trip to Paris.
  • Spend less time in hospitals. I would say no time in hospitals, except that I already have a neurologist appointment scheduled for January.
  • To find a job I love. I know they exist!
  • Call people overseas more often. I've been really slack about this, but I think I comes from growing up when overseas phone calls use to be extravagantly expensive. With our new digital phone line they cost a pittance, so I really should call you all more.
Anyway, all the best to you all. My 2007 bring you what you wish for, and finally bring peace to our amazing world.

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