"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

Still kicking in 2007

By Shanathalas
Sorry for such a long stint between posts. I am currently being treated for my deep vein thrombosis. I've tried writing something witty and upbeat while still conveying the gravitas of the situation. I can't; I'm too tired. So I have compiled a list.

Things that suck:

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis; it fucking hurts. The morphine made me high ("Jaime, jaime, the lines are making me confused") but didn't get rid of the pain.
  • They treat DVT with Rat Poison: I'm not joking. No vitamins, no running, no soccer, no herbal tea, no nothing for three or so months. And the "pill"? never again.
  • Spending 3-4 hours of each day sitting in smelly emergency department waiting for treatment.
  • Having nasty drugs injected into your abdomen everyday. My tummy looks like a dartboard.
  • Having to quit the good temp job I just got cause of having to go to the ER every day.
  • Being flat fucken broke cause of no job.
  • People thinking your retarded cause you have a pair of crutches: No, you don't have to speak slowly for me.
  • Lurking death. Just for the record: cremation.
  • Mother nature. The bitch wrecked my favourite forest and now she's throwing snow and hurricane force wind in my way to my daily trip to the hospital.

Things that Rock:

  • Jaime: He's the best husband in the world, having the patience of a saint and keeping me going when I feel I can't go on. Also he gave me a little blue nano for christmas.
  • Mum: There's no better nurse, advocate and friend in the world.
  • Vancouver cab drivers. I'm single-handedly keeping Yellow Cab in business. And with the exception of one, all the lovely South-Asian drivers have been so prompt and helpful with my multitude of trips.
  • My arms: Thanks to the crutches, I'm developing arm muscles and , dare I say it, shoulders.
  • Emails from friends :) *hint*

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  1. Kass 2:01 PM
    The pill NEVER again? Damn. Does this mean you and Jaime are going to start making cute lil bebes?

    And as for the people that stare, I suggest a gun. Its either they wont be staring for long or they won't be staring at all, ever again. Yuus, kill the stupid.
  2. becstarr 11:04 PM
    Damn! I thought you just had a broken foot like Bez's!! Sorry to hear that, Shan-- it does sound truly suckful.

    And ditto on Kass' "damn" for no-pill-ever-again. A big loss of choice and convenience in that area of life...


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