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Proximal and distal...and never the twain shall meet

By Shanathalas
This Tuesday morning I was very hopeful. I was going to the Orthopedic doctor for my six week checkup for my broken foot. I was convinced all would be good and I could tell my crutches and cast to piss-off. So imagine my disappointment on seeing my latest x-ray and discovering that my broken bone has NOT HEALED AT ALL. Nothing. It has not even started putting down new cartilage. Its like the proximal and distal ends of my metatarsal have had a big argument and neither wants to be the one to call and say "I'm sorry". And thanks to the anticoagulants for my DVT, surgery is definitely out. So its another month of the cast. At last I was able to convince the doc that crutches weren't necessary as I can walk on the aircast without any pain in my foot.

To add insult to injury, my ballet teacher rang today to ask if I would attend her new Saturday class.

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  1. Anonymous 2:48 AM
    Hi there, my friend.

    You won't guess who this is....Here's a clue.

    Played your cello lately? Can you, with crutches?

    Better still, can you listen to some stuff? Found a fab piece you'd love - called Julie-O. For bluegrass cello. You'd love it. Can't help but smile when you listen to it.

    And a good book to help you escape? Have you read 'The time traveller's wife' by Audrey Niffenegger? It is a fabulous story, and very quirky. You'd love it.

    Sorry to hear about the leg. This is awful news.... Big hug from her.

    XXX Rach
  2. wulf 7:37 PM
    Cheer up sweety, the foot will heal, it's just going to take time.

    I'll take care of you until you better, but then again, you already knew that :)
  3. chelle 4:25 PM
    you're not having much luck are you? :(

    we'd bring you some chicken soup, but you know, other side of the world and all that.

    hope you get better soon, and don't be too miserable. it could be worse ... it could be you having to wait on Jai!! :p

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