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Some good news at last

By Shanathalas
For the benefit of the viewing several out there who are starting to think that this blog has a decidedly negative tone, I can finally report some happy news. Firstly, and right off the presses, I am very happy to report that our good friends Jen and Dan have just seen the arrival of their third child. Little baby girl Elora is here! Congrats you guys.

Other good news is that I have finally found myself a job. I am now working as the Information Services and Graduation Assistant at a local college here in Vancouver. Not sure what the Information Services and Graduation Assistant does? Neither do I! Its not a dream job, but it is full-time and gets me out of the house and earning money.

Healthwise, things are still in the shitter, but heh, what can you do? Still in the cast, still on crappy blood thinners. But later this week I have a scheduled battle with my old nemesis: The MRI machine. That's right folks, its round two of me trying desperately to cling to the idea that I am indeed not claustrophobic. While the MRI will be keeping me longer in its noisy and confined clutches this time, I will be armed with a magic weapon: tranquilizers.

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  1. chelle 8:29 PM
    the tranquilizers are the good news, right? :p

    (i'm only joking, please don't slap me!)
  2. Anonymous 1:45 PM
    Hey! Great news about the job! Hooray for you!

    XX Rach
  3. Shanathalas 3:09 PM
    Actually the tranquilisers were a bit of a let down. They did nothing. i did feel sleepy later, but I think that was the martinis
  4. chelle 5:16 PM
    pff, lousy things.

    well, big big big congrats on getting a regular source of income, anyway. i would say congrats on getting a new job, but who wants to work?? working is after all the only downside to having a job :)

  5. Jen 10:21 PM
    Thanks for calling all the way to Oz to give us your good wishes! I'm so glad to hear that things are getting better for you.

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