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By Shanathalas
Hurray for Jaime. He bought me a Flickr Pro account. I've been wanting to expand my foray into digital photography for a while now. I still don't own a digital camera of my own, so my current flickr account either has photos digitised from film, or when I've borrowed Jai's camera.

I am hoping very soon to get a digital SLR, either the Canon XTi(400D) or the older Canon XT (350D). I've had a Canon film SLR for many years, and like the creative control of an SLR. I was tempted by the Canon S3i, which is almost an SLR, but reviews have swayed me in favour of a full slr.

So mostly it will be happy-snaps on flickr until I can get my new camera and hopefully get back into photography seriously. I was really into it when I finished high school, but could not afford all the developing and printing that was necessary to shoot enough to really hone one's skills.

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  1. Beppie 4:36 AM
    Hey, Shannon, I think you definitely made the right decision to go with a dSLR, there's much more versatility, especially if you shoot in RAW mode. Are you planning on investing in any lenses? If you can afford it, I'd highly recommend the Sigma 17-70mm DC IF Macro as a good alternative to the kit lens.

    Can't wait to see the photos you take. :) When are you planning on getting it?
  2. Anna 11:07 PM
    Link for you!
  3. Shanathalas 11:10 PM
    Yes, I've already got this blog in my rss feed. Its very useful for picking up camera tips.
  4. Dan 5:56 AM
    Beautiful photo! If you do get a Digital SLR, let me know how it works out for you. I've been taking some OK photos with my digital camera but I feel I can get better control with the SLR.
  5. Shanathalas 8:41 AM
    Oh believe me, when I get my dslr, I won't shut up about it. I'm really excited about getting back into photography, so I'm desperate to get my new camera now. But alas, even though the prices have really come down for them, it's not quite within my grasp yet.

    And yes Beppie, I have heard that the kit lenses are pretty bad. I will likely end up getting a sigma instead. The better quality Canon lenses cost a mint.
  6. Oooh, ahh. Me likes the Nikon D80. (Also because I actually have one now). Same class as the Canon 400D.

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