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The April Fool

By Shanathalas
I had a complete brain fart and thought March had 30 days in it this year. Hence, I thought April 1st was on Saturday, not Sunday. Either way, I completely forgot that April 1st was April Fools' Day until 11:00pm last night. We heard some strange tapping at the window, and looked out the window to find it was snowing/sleeting/hailing. My favourite April Fool's joke use to be "look outside; it's snowing"! This year the jokes on me. Snow in April is practically unheard of; Climate Change has made fools of us all.

Even though I didn't manage it, Blizzard got one over on Jaime. He was completely convinced of the new piece of armour in World of Warcraft: the Tinfoil Hat.

Still, brilliant as it is, the tinfoil hat is no match for the Top 10 April Fools Jokes. My favourites are the Taco Liberty Bell and the Left-handed Whopper.

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  1. Kass 1:25 PM
    I completely forgot about April Fools too, and I dont think Bjorn remembered either, which is just as well as I think he may have tried something..
  2. wulf 9:10 PM
    DAMNIT! I soo wanted to build that hat!

    And i loved the "left-handed" whopper.

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