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Quality of Living Survey

By Shanathalas
Mercer HR Consulting has published their Quality of Living Survey for 2007, and Vancouver has come in third best in the World. Apparently Vancouver would be best-in-class if it weren't for its crime rate. We tied with Vienna, and were bested by Geneva and Zurich. Hats off to Düsseldorf (congrats Steve and Alex) for tying with Auckland for fifth. Sydney came in a very respectable ninth. Edinburgh wasn't listed, but I think that must be because with a population of less than half a million, I doesn't count as a city (sorry Evelyn & Tancred).

Most interesting was the fact that
every Canadian city scored better than all the U.S. cities surveyed. I have a feeling that has something to do with medical coverage and social safety nets.

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  1. Alex 8:42 AM
    I´m not sure if Edinburgh is excluded due to small population as Duesseldorf has only about half a million... I love quoting these surveys to my students who always ask why on earth anyone would want to live in Germany rather than Sydney!
  2. evelyn 10:00 AM
    Scotland has too many problems with alcohol abuse, poverty and health issues (heart disease etc) for Edinburgh to rate as one of the top places. I don't think you can have the huge divide between rich and poor to count as a quality of life place.
  3. Shanathalas 10:23 AM
    Vancouver has a huge problem with drug abuse, and I would say the divide between rich and poor is widening quite quickly here. We are three years from the Olympics, and are having this massive boom accordingly, but now housing is becoming completely unaffordable. If you're on the dole, your monthly payment will not cover rent anywhere in Vancouver at the moment.

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