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Everyone pile on the bandwagon

By Shanathalas
The Canucks, Vancouver's Pro Hockey team, is in the Stanley Cup playoffs this year, after missing out for three years. The quarter finals start tonight against the Dallas Stars. The rounds are best out of seven, and the playoffs will go on until June I believe. Vancouver has never won the Stanley Cup, and has only made it to the final round twice. The last time was 1994 and when the Canucks lost in game seven of the final round to the New York Rangers (stinky Rangers), Vancouver had a it's first proper riot.

Let's hope things are more peaceful and successful this time. After years of supporting the Canucks, even when they sucked, it would be a thrill for them to win, especially now that I'm back in Vancouver. And I think they've got their good luck charm: Jaime, the Aussie Hockey Fan.

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  1. Robert 12:34 AM
    I wonder what the odds are of the Canucks winning the Stanley Cup, and by that same ratio what would the minimum bet be to cancel out my student loans should they actually win it?
  2. Shanathalas 7:11 AM
    What a brilliant idea!!!

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