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Brain for Hire

By Shanathalas
So I did it...I weighed up the pros and cons and listened to some very sage advice posted on my blog. I initially thought I would suck it up and hang on here until I found something else, but it wasn't working. I was becoming so demoralised and my blood pressure was high enough to make it sound like a all-drums death metal band had moved into my head. I usually do the pragmatic, careful thing; I am a Taurus after all. But I figure that I have developed a massive fear of making the wrong decision. And so it's time I take a chance. So this morning I gave my notice. I ran the gamut of feelings: fear, courage, nervous, failure, success, release and worry.

I think one of the biggest factors for leaving was that this job hindered my ability to look for others. And as Aoife pointed out, temping can open a lot of doors. I was offered more work by many of my temping assignments and I was doing a great job impressing IBM when I was temping with them, until I broke my foot.

And another factor that arrived last night: A note that our lease ends in two months and our rent is going up another 75$ a month. As our rent was already far too expensive, it now means we really have to move. Which is ironic, as I have had a few doubts about the place since we moved in, and had only just made my peace with its faults and decided I wanted to stay there. But moving out in a way is liberating. Much of the reason I felt pressure to stay in this job is due to our high rent. Now we may be able to get cheaper rent (hopefully staying the nice area we live in). So now is the time to be, as Dan comments, a True Warrior.

But yes Jen, finding a new job is one problem; finding a new career is another...and the subject of a soon-to-come post.

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  1. Daniel 4:12 PM
    Awesome! Brave choice, and congratulations on it. Good luck with the temping and the house-hunting. You are indeed a True Warrior. Now get with the burning and descendant-slaying.
  2. Anonymous 4:51 PM
    Hello my friend.... GOOD ON YOU. The more that people do what their heart tells them to do, and throw caution to the wind, the more happy they will be. See this as a chance to do a huge clean-up of your life. You WILL get through all this, and in a few months, when you are living somewhere really great, and doing something that satisfies you, you'll remember your inner courage, and be incredibly satisfied.

    Bravery is hugely underrated in our society. I applaud you long and hard.

    XX Rachel

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