"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"


By Shanathalas
The Vancouver Aquarium's best feature in my mind is the sea otters. These guys are so cute, and very popular. So I guess that's why they've set up an ottercam. They already had the belugacam, and I guess they wanted to build on the success of the recent video on youtube of Nyac & Milo holding hands:

This is so cute. And its not just a rare event, I've been watching these guys hold hands for years. There's something decidedly human about holding hands.

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  1. chelle 5:51 PM
    these little guys are just amazingly gorgeous, aren't they? i love otters. they've got the sweetest little faces :)

    and the holding hands thing is too cute. i don't think most people realise how often animals do things that "imitate" human behaviour. i think it's just further proof that we're all related, personally :)

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