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The Stress List

By Shanathalas, hello. Remember me? I use to blog here but have gotten so far behind in everything I have to do that of course my poor blog was forgotten. It was on my to-do list. There was A LOT on my to-do list. It was so intimidating, and I thought I'd found some help in the form of lovely little productivity blogs like Ririan Project, Productivity 501 and Lifehacker. Unfortunately, the lovely "top 10 blah to blah" tips didn't help me but instead I ended up with "Read my RSS feeds" hovering on my to-do list (as I currently write I have a tab open advising me that I have 1000+ feed articles to read (gulp!). So the to-do list has been retired and is now reincarnated in my new "Stress List". It isn't just a list of what I have to do, but of all the things I'm stressing over having not done. Using the categorization technique I learned in my time management class back at ole Usyd, I have developed four categories and corresponding ink colour:
  • Crimson "I'm always in the Red" ink designates urgent actions that are financially dependent i.e. paying very overdue bills.
  • "Terrifying" Torquoise ink designates urgent actions that are energy and time rather than financially dependent i.e. building a new website for the Archaeological Society I am now volunteering with.
  • "Procrastinating" Purple ink designates non-urgent actions that are financially dependent, i.e. taking driving lessons so I can get back on the road after eight years.
  • "Hopelessly-forgetten" Hot Pink ink designates non-urgent actions that are time and energy dependent, i.e. tidying up my paperwork.
So lets see if this new "I'm stressed and I'm not going to pretend I'm on top of it" list works any better. At least I can now scratch "post to your blog" off my list.

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  1. ooh, I like that colour scheme. I just used random colour flags in outlook (gotta use it in the corporate world). :-(.

    What about posting via email to the blog? As long as the email client you use doesn't chuck a signature down the bottom.

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